If you were to travel to Area 51 in Roswell you would reach a fence beyond which you can go no further. It has been like this since July 1947 when an Unidentified Flying Object was observed crashing to the desert floor. 


For years rumours of a military cover up abounded, with eyewitnesses asserting that an alien spacecraft had crash landed. This was compounded by reports from anonymous whistleblowers who claimed that a wounded or dead alien life-form was removed from the craft before undergoing an autopsy. 


As we often find in these situations a coverup DID occur - but the true nature of what took place that night is not quite what people have come to believe.


New and conclusive evidence looks like it has finally answered the question of what happened in Area 51.


Paranormal investigators working with state of the art ESP seismology equipment have recently revealed that Area 51 is actually the site of an historic haunting - with a poltergeist that is still active to this day


What was believed to have been a spacecraft crash-landing in the desert was actually crockery that the poltergeist removed from the Area 51 army canteen. This was spun round the dining room  area several times whilst people were eating, before being flown out of the window, whisked up into the air, and then brought crashing down onto the desert floor.

The obvious question people raise in response to this is: how do you explain the mysterious lights seen by eyewitness in the desert that evening?


Paranormal investigators David Becker and Steven Bernard explain that the strange lights seen flying around that night was a lamp that the poltergeist had taken from a dormitory, which it flew round the night sky, switching on and off, before finally bursting the bulb with a big surge of electrical power.


Since that moment Area 51 has remained under lockdown. Rumours of an alien encounter were deliberately created and encouraged by the US military in order to conceal the true paranormal nature of the incident. 


This has served one important purpose. 


Aliens, although likely to possess advanced technology, are still likely to be constructed from organic matter that can be shot and killed with conventional weapons. Ghosts on the other hand are not only already dead - but they are constructed from spiritual non-matter - meaning that  military hardware is unable to have any lethal or meaningful affect on any ghost or poltergeist. 


America’s national security and standing in the world is reliant on the projection of strength. An admission that America has been confronted with a threat it is powerless to act against - and on it’s own soil - would mean America’s global deterrence capability would be severely diminished.


Thus the Roswell Alien conspiracy we have come to know so well has become deliberately pushed into our culture and information streams. The US would rather lie to their people and the world about aliens, than have people know the truth that they are powerless to do anything in the face of such a ghostly threat.


Although the identity of the poltergeist has never been corroborated, it is believed it’s level of malevolence has never surpassed moving crockery, turning lamps on and off, opening doors, and turning the pages of a book very fast. Although these events may be deemed unsettling or an irritation, it is not believed there is any significant threat to life. None the less, the area remains sealed with barbed wire in case the ghost is approached and antagonised by curious civilians, provoking it into escalating it’s behaviour, possibly causing it to move toy trucks close to the tops of stairs. 


Finally, putting any doubt to bed, Becker and Bernard point to the fact that their ESP seismology equipment registered a full “10 out of a possible 10” on the Universal Ghost Scale - something which they have never experienced before - the closest reading they’ve had in the past being an 8 out of 10 when a haunted ice cream truck in New Jersey was investigated following an unexplained spate of it’s ice creams going missing.