There are no diamonds, there are no rubies, there is no oil, there is no water, there is nothing of any value on the moon - so why travel 240,000 miles to get there and spend over $25 billion in the process?


The answer to this question has finally been revealed by anonymous NASA sources who worked on the 1969 Apollo Moon landing.


Far from being a mission of scientific research, the space mission was a journey forced upon NASA at the behest of the CIA and the mafia, who compelled America’s top astro-physicists to hide evidence revealing the name of the true killer behind the JFK assassination.




After the capture and assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, the heat was on for the masterminds behind the Kennedy Assassination to cover their tracks. 


Fearing it wouldn’t be long before the finger pointed at them, the CIA and the card sharks that funded them, concocted their ambitious plan - planning to bury the evidence in a place no one would ever think of looking - the moon.


The plan took six years to execute and pushed scientific research to the limit, resulting in many groundbreaking space travel practises that are still used to this day.


When a young aviator pilot and astronaut named Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon that day he had one mission - to bury the damning evidence. 


Neil Armstrong knew that both his life and the life of his family would be under threat from tommy gun-wielding Chicago mobsters if he didn’t bury the evidence revealing who pulled the trigger that fateful day in Dallas, Texas - when America’s 35th president John F Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight.


It is not known whether Buzz Aldrin and the other one fully knew the nature of the mission they agreed to undertake.


Since that sombre afternoon when John F Kennedy was taken out by three bullets to the head in downtown Dallas - sitting beside his fashion icon wife Jackie Onassis who was sprayed with the blood, skull and brain matter of her slain husband - debate has raged over who was the true assassin - or assassins.


Anyone who wishes to discover that answer beyond any reasonable doubt may now have to raise an estimated $50 billion in modern day money and employ the services of an international space agency - something that is beyond the ability of most average Americans - where the average annual income is roughly $58, 829 - far too little to generate the requisite funds.




Corroborating their testimony, NASA whistleblowers point to the slight pause between Neil Armstrong saying, “One small step for man” and “One giant leap for mankind”, a pause they attribute to nerves arising from thoughts of recrimination that would be faced by his family if he did not successfully bury the JFK assassination evidence.




Since the success of that first mission to the moon orchestrated by local hoodlums with a monopoly on illegal card games and gambling dens in the Chicago area and the CIA, the moon has been used as a dumping ground for other classified information in moon landings that have followed - as well to hide illegal contraband and evidence related to mobster violence between rival Chicago gangs.


NASA whistleblowers reveal other pieces of evidence that have been hidden on the moon include:


·         Obama’s real birth certificate proving he is the brother of Osama Bin Laden.

·         Hard copies of Crooked Clinton’s emails

·         The Twin Towers which were transported to the moon and replaced with holograms designed to look like they were collapsing

·         A cure for cancer

·         The gun that shot Bugsy Siegal

·         58 crates of illegal prohibition era whiskey




It wasn’t enough to dispose of the evidence revealing JFK’s killer, but the sick arrogance of his killers sought to taunt and goad those in search of the truth, choosing to hide the evidence in plain sight on the moon - which is visible from most places on earth - except when the weather is cloudy - or during the as yet unexplained monthly phenomenon where the moon reduces in size each night before disappearing completely - only to reappear the following night and begin growing over a number of days again until reaching the size of a “full moon” - before the process starts all over again.


The moon was understood to have been specifically chosen by Al Capone when in talks with the CIA as it made the perfect hiding place - almost impossible to travel to unless you have a space craft, 500,000 gallons of combustible rocket fuel, and a star map showing directions in order to avoid getting lost and the many black holes that exist between earth and the moon.


Eye witness accounts from those who have been to space also suggest that it is impossible to breathe in space without the use of a specialist spacesuit. It is this very inhospitability that makes it harder for private detectives, amateur historians or JFK enthusiasts to travel to the moon in order to unearth a treasure trove of new information that could change how we feel about the day America’s Playboy President was assassinated with the whole world watching.




The CIA and mafioso boss John Gotti have been happy for conspiracy theorists to believe that the moon landings were faked as the fewer people who believe it is possible to reach the moon, the less likely it is anyone will go sniffing around.


However, so nervous are they that the evidence revealing JFK’s killer will be dug up, in 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger was deliberately blown up in order to put the fear of space travel into a new generation. 


After witnessing the shocking explosion in which seven astronauts were killed on live television - anyone who had been considering raising the $50 billion in funds to employ a space agency to help uncover the truth of Kennedy’s assassin on the moon would have thought again.


Experts are claiming another disaster could be imminent as private billionaire entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson explore the possibility of Space Tourism which would no doubt include day trips and weekend breaks to the moon.


You can be sure that the CIA and the mob might have other thoughts on the matter.


The only thing we can be certain about, is that on that fateful day on November 22nd 1963 at 12.30pm in Dallas Texas, President Robert Frederick Kennedy’s head was scattered over a radius of thirty metres, whilst his wife dressed in a pink Chanel suit with a Gucci handbag scrambled over the side of a navy blue limousine travelling at a speed of 11.2 mph whilst people screamed and panicked whilst also noting in their heads that they were there the day the President of America was assassinated in broad daylight on the 22nd November, 1963 in Dallas Texas.


The identity of the killer remains a secret but the truth is out there.


Next time you gaze up at the moon, know that you’re not just looking at “the man in the moon”, but also “the man who killed JFK in the moon.”


His identity remains a mystery. For now…

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