Under new proposals being pushed through by Democratic lawmakers - hunting moose, elk and deer will be outlawed - but having sex with them will be made legal - as long as you are the same gender as the animal.


This is just one of the crazy laws liberals are trying to push through Congress as part of their ongoing assault against traditional American values and their bid to promote homosexuality amongst children - who they know are enticed by anything to do with animals.


Caveats under the proposed law also make the following legal:


  • Fingering an otter

  • Pleasuring a raccoon’s anus

  • Kissing a squirrel

  • Video recording sex acts involving one or more carp

  • Showing your genitals to a black bear


For those who have followed the behaviour of Democrat lawmakers this won’t come as a great shock - they have been chipping away at everything we hold sacred and dear for years. We know how disgusting and debased their anti-conservative agenda is. 





















For those who aren’t aware - educate yourselves!!!


To help you - here are just some of the sickening laws liberals have tried to pass through Congress in recent years:


  • Bill making it illegal to refer to war veterans as “heroes” and encouraging the use of “scum” as the default description for soldiers exiting the military

  • To make it legal to own a white person as a slave

  • Make it a legal requirement for fast food restaurants to serve homosexuals first and allow them to jump queue

  • To replace the American flag with a picture of some frozen excrement 

  • To make it legal for transgender people to shoplift and face no punishment

  • To make it legal for transgender people to not be required to have a driving license to drive a car

  • To make it legal for transgender people to come into your house and use your toilet - even if you do not grant them permission

  • To make it legal for transgender people to wear no trousers or underpants in public

  • To ensure that 50% of food outlets in the US are selling Indian food and curry and to phase out hotdogs entirely by 2020

  • To replace the first three amendments with excerpts of sharia law from the Koran

  • To make it a human right of children as young as three to purchase pornography from registered sex shops

  • To make it legal to throw candy apples at Christians on Halloween

  • To introduce course credits into the school curriculum recognising a student’s ability to mock Jesus

  • To make urinating on pictures of Jesus a recognised feature of Labor Day

  • To make it legal for homosexuals to engage in public sex acts on Easter and Christmas Day


What is astonishing about this country is how liberals have created the myth that THEY are the good guys - whilst conservatives are the BAD guys!!


The proof says otherwise!


It’s the duty of all of us to ensure they don’t get away with this con. 


Make sure your friends, colleagues and neighbors are informed - because an informed citizenship is an empowered citizenship.


Let them know about some of the disgusting liberal laws that are being passed through congress. 


And make sure that when they vote - they continue to vote Republican and defend this country from the liberal pervert, anti-family agenda of American-hating Democrats.


Lets MAGA!!!

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