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The mainstream narrative goes that in 1941 the Japanese launched a sneak attack on Pearl Harbour, killing over 3000 Americans and sinking an entire fleet of warships. It was this that propelled America into a World War that was to wage for four more years. However wreckage found in the Pacific proves that contrary to popular belief the attack was not actually launched by the Japanese - but by the Spanish - disguised as the Japanese. 


A small piece of plane wreckage caught in the net of a lobster trawler shows a badly damaged and rusted piece of metal that bears traces of a white background and red dot - the colours of the Japanese flag. However closer inspection shows that beneath this are faded red and yellow stripes and a picture of some chorizo - indicating that the wing originally bore the official insignia of a Spanish flag with the Japanese flag painted OVER it - a devastating indication that it was Spain that attacked Pearl Harbour and dragged America into war. 


As ever, the key questions are why? And who stood to benefit?


First off, the Japanese had absolutely nothing to gain from attacking America. If they attacked the Americans it would then mean they had to FIGHT the Americans as bombing Pearl Harbour would have been reasonably interpreted as an act of war. It makes no sense for a country to openly start a war as it would mean they then had to fight it. This rules out Japan.


If the Japanese had nothing to gain, then how did Spain hope to benefit from an attack on Pearl Harbour?




Recently unearthed documents show that Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America in 1492 was actually funded by the Spanish and that his ship, The Horsey, set sail from the Spanish city of Madrid. 


The goal was to claim America for the Spanish crown. 


Imagine how the Spanish felt when 500 years later, despite having financed Columbus’ rigging and sea biscuits, America was not owned by the Spanish but had instead been claimed by Irish Americans who had then helped America go on to become one of the richest superpowers in the world. 


By the time 1941 came, a furious and brooding Spain, at the end of their patience, finally wanted to see a return on their investment in Columbus and claim what they believed was rightfully theirs.


By dragging America into World War Two the Spanish hoped to reshape the world order, and to emerge from the conflict as new custodians of a defeated America. Like most great crimes they needed just one more thing: a patsy. 


Japan were the perfect fall guys. 


A false flag operation was launched and Spanish planes launched their deadly bombing disguised as Japanese kamikaze pilots.


Their perfectly concocted plan however wasn’t to be. 


Yes - Pearl Harbour was blamed on the Japanese and yes America entered the war - but recently unearthed documents found in an English country manor reveal that the war was decisively won by America and it’s allies, with the Nazis roundly defeated and Hitler taking his own life in his underground bunker in the suburbs of Paris. 


Having sided with Hitler, Spain found themselves on the losing side of World War Two and their plan to retake America was not to be...




So the big question we are left with is: why didn’t Japan simply explain to the Americans that they were not responsible for Pearl Harbour and that it was someone else posing as the Japanese who launched the bombings? The answer is quite a simple one…


When the Americans wrote a letter to the Japanese complaining that they had bombed Pearl Harbour - Japanese honor culture meant it was strictly forbidden to accuse someone of lying or having made a mistake - which meant the island nation were forced to accept the American version of events and go to war with the Superpower. It was a war which ultimately the Japanese lost and which resulted in the first ever offensive use of nuclear weapons on a civilian population. Over 200,000 people were killed when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed. This however was preferable to appearing rude by accusing their American neighbors of lying or being mistaken.


Why have the Japanese stayed quiet all this time and still not spoken up? The answer is a simple one: there is no time limit to when it stops being rude to contradict a friend, so Japan still does not challenge the official version of events as they do not want to seem impolite, even as they continue to honor the hundreds of thousands of civilians who eventually succumbed to radiation poisoning.


But if the Japanese will not speak up, then a small piece of metal with faded red and yellow paint dredged up by a lone lobster trawler will speak the truth to the world, telling the tale of a mischievous plan by the Spanish to reclaim America, and bearing witness to the millions of innocent civilians who lost their lives in the Great War of World War Two.

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