Donald Trump is a man of his word and he has spelled out to the letter why America’s immigration policy is out of control. But still some people just don’t get it. 


So to help them - let’s spell out some of the shithole countries people are coming from - using the letters of Donald Trump’s name: DONALD TRUMP - to explain why immigration from these places is bad…


D is for Denmark

People from Denmark are coming to America in record numbers - and they are destroying our bacon economy. Two out of three Americans have a bacon meal for at least 5 of their daily 7 meals. Whereas this once consisted of homegrown American bacon - it has now been taken over by Danish bacon from Danes who legally register their pigs as children in Denmark, then bring them over here and harvest their meat. American bacon farmers - who are banned from registering their pigs as children - can’t compete…


O is for Ostralia

Ostralians are flooding America. Whilst we may all enjoy Crocodile Dundee and the classic cork-hat wearing Ostralian of the movies - the reality is different. Ostralians are prone to fighting, drunkeness - and with only 22% of Ostralians familiar with modern toilets - this means America has seen an upsurge in the amount of human defecation on our streets. This year alone over 50 tons of excrement had to be removed from American streets, with 78% of it attributed to Ostralians, and the remainder done by the French, the people of Boston, and Berkeley College students.


N is for Netherlands

“Netherlands” is a secret name used by people from Holland. Why would the people of Holland need secret names unless they had something to hide? How can we allow such a fifth column to be established in this country? The next time you meet someone who says they are from the “Netherlands” - expose them as really being from Holland…


A is for Aberdeen

Trump has been vocal and proud about his Scottish heritage - but even he is concerned about the influx of Scottish people from Aberdeen. If society is to work we have to be able to at least speak the same language. With some US cities now consisting of 70% Scottish people - English has been relegated to a second class language.   


L is for London

The Brits are coming. And coming. And they keep coming. One in three Americans are now British. From Hugh Jackman to Nicole Kidman, they have become a burden on our public services, contributing to pizza and taco shortages. America fought a war of independence against the British in order to free ourselves from their exploitation of our resources. We cannot continue to support free-loading British immigrants who come here because of their own tortilla and sausage shortages back home. America is not a free buffet for the likes of Russell Crowe and Olivia Newton John.


D is for Dutch

“Dutch” is another secret name used by the people of Holland - compounding the fact that if they DON’T have anything to hide when coming here - why do they conceal their true identities?


T is for Toronto

The influx of immigrants from Canada seeking a better life is having a negative effect on America. 90% of all violent crime in America is now committed by Canadian immigrants. Canadian ice hockey gangs patrolling American inner cities are some of the most violent and notorious gangs in the country, often committing mass murder for as little as some bread and jam.


R is for Rastafarians

By now everyone knows about the Rastafarian agenda to get us all smoking drugs. The floodgates for Rastafarians was opened when covert Rastafarian, Bill Clinton, was elected into office. The notorious drug-taker removed all checks and restrictions on his brethren, thereby allowing them to come in record numbers and increase drug taking by 58,000%. The ultimate goal is to make us so dopey and stupid from drug taking that we all become braindead liberals. And it’s working...


U is for Umbrella

If you think of Japan the first thing you think of us umbrellas. And that’s fine - in Japan. But in America - when you’re trying to walk down the street or get on the subway - the sheer volume of umbrellas blocking your way from illegal Japanese immigrants makes life virtually impossible. No one likes the rain - but no one likes to see their country ruined by umbrellas and parasols either. Trump gets it.


M is for Mongolia

These days you can’t walk down the street without bumping into a Mongolian. No one has a problem with Mongolians - as long as they adapt to OUR ways. The fact is - right now they don’t. How many times have you got sick of being in a fast food restaurant waiting in line behind a Mongolian on a horse? How many times have you been unable to watch a film in a cinema because Mongolians have set up camp and are holding a three day festival of wrestling, loud throat singing and comparing reindeer without a permit? And the police unable to remove them because their hands are tied by PC laws? It’s not a crime to want America to be American. Trump gets it.


P is for Pancakes

America was once the home of pancakes - but since the influx of French people this delicacy has been replaced by “crepes”. It’s a sad state of affairs when traditional American fare is pushed out by strange foreign foods. This isn’t inconsequential. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. If we no longer eat the food brought over by our American ancestors and are eating food that literally sounds like “crap” then who are we anymore? Trump gets it.